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Anthrocon 2017 report

I spent the last six months looking forward to it…now I’ll spend the next six months remembering it… It was a blast fursuiting once again as my scaly alter-ego Komos, the anthropomorphic Komodo dragon. Komos made his debut appearance in the 2016 Anthrocon Fursuit Parade. The parade was even better this year, with rows of […]

I think I’ve gotten the hang of this thing (I hope…)

Completing the Furry Nation manuscript and organizing illustrations for the book has kept me busy these last few months. (When I submitted the “finished” manuscript at the end of 2016 I thought I’d be able to move on, but as I discovered there was a bit more to be done.) I learned a few basics […]


Hi! If you’re reading this because you saw the ad on the back of the Komos & Goldie sampler at Anthrocon 2016, congratulations: You’re among the first furs to learn about Furry Nation: the history of Furry Fandom…and the history of “furry” throughout history. Furry Nation: A Very Human Story will be published in 2017 […]

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