Furry [Fur-ee]


  • 1. a fan of anthropomorphic animal characters;
  • 2. a self-identified member of the contemporary subculture known as “furry fandom” [Plural: furries; synonyms: fur, furfan, furfag (derisive)];
  • 3. a fictional or imaginary being combining human and animal appearance, abilities or traits; an anthropomorphic animal character [Plural: furries; synonyms: anthro, morph];
  • 4. furry fandom itself [concise].


  • 1. favorably inclined towards the concept of anthropomorphic animals;
  • 2. covered in fur [archaic].

Furry Nation is the first in-depth, inside look at furry fandom: the amazingly creative community of people fascinated by anthropomorphism—giving animals human qualities. Furry fandom was born in the late 1980’s as science fiction, animation and comic book fans with overlapping interests in anthropomorphic characters began discovering each other at sci-fi conventions. The fandom exploded in popularity with the birth of the internet in the 1990’s as people all over the world who believed no one else could possibly share their fascination with these imaginary beings discovered…

They were far from alone.