“What, me Furry?” – What, at the NY Comic Con?

I just submitted a proposal for a furry session at this fall’s New York City Comic Con, reading as follows:

“What, me furry?”

You’ve heard stories about furries, those fans of anthropomorphic (human-like) animal characters who create “fursonas” of their bestial alter-egos and often wear fursuits to become them. “Furry Nation” author (and occasional Komodo dragon) Joe Strike demolishes the myths to reveal furry fandom’s true story, from its ancient origins to its 20th century rebirth, as people around the world discovered their inner animal—and each other—to become one of the most creative and original fandoms on Earth.

The Con is being held October  6-9 at the Javits Convention Center. (Very easy to reach these days, thanks to the number 7 line subway extension to the Hudson Yards; it used to be a pain and 3/4 waiting for the criminally infrequent 34th Street bus to show up at Macy’s.) With a con stretching over 4 days & who knows how many programming tracks, hopefully I’ll have a halfway decent shot at doing my furry thing at the Con. Soon’s I hear back (or don’t hear back) from the Comic-con I’ll let everyone know–wish me luck!