We now return to our regular blog…

After a mere three years-plus period of radio silence.  I owe you an explanation: basically, the people who first designed my site…did a crummy job, things simply weren’t working right. Several peoples’ and my attempts to tweak it only added to the damage.

I decided to redo the site from scratch – but needed to find a designer who actually knew what they were doing. My agent suggested the person who designed their site, a fellow name Geoff Hansen. What you’re reading/browsing right now is his work.

I highly recommend the gent; he definitely knew what he was doing – and equally important, he listened to my feedback and tweaked his ongoing work to successfully achieve the look and functionality I was after. His rate was quite reasonable and when I’m in need of handholding and advice to accomplish certain tasks he’s been there for me.

I’m sure he wouldn’t mind hearing from you; his website is websites.geoffhansen.com – and from here on I will regularly be posting items of varying degrees of importance, so stay tooned!