A tiny little detail I forgot to mention…

There’s going to be a Furry Nation sequel!!!

Don’t ask why I didn’t start working on it the morning after Furry Nation was published. (I mean it, don’t ask, it’s rather personal.) Anyway, in early 2021 I put a together a proposal for Furry Planet and sent it to my agent – who found a publisher a lot quicker than it took to find Furry Nation‘s.

Apollo Publishers will be releasing Furry Planet sometime late this year. (I’ll be handing in a finished manuscript at the end of June.) Planet will include already written material there wasn’t room for in Nation about mainstream, non-furry anthropomorphism in movies, TV, high culture and the fine arts. It will also look at Furry around the world: there are furs in just about every country on Earth and furry conventions on every continent. (Believe it or not, furs have even been spotted in Antarctica and there’s even been a furry astronaut!) The book will also take another peek at naughty furry stuff that was just touched upon in Nation as well as a look at furry crime and the role politics play in the furry world.

I’ll be keeping you informed as best I can as I continue writing and researching the opus that will be Furry Planet; stay tuned!