Anthrocon 2017 report

I spent the last six months looking forward to it…now I’ll spend the next six months remembering it…

It was a blast fursuiting once again as my scaly alter-ego Komos, the anthropomorphic Komodo dragon.

Komos made his debut appearance in the 2016 Anthrocon Fursuit Parade. The parade was even better this year, with rows of seats set up for the Pittsburghians to cheer us on. Almost every fur I know was into fur before they discovered the fandom — but I bet plenty of folks watching us who had no previous interest in suiting or fur are now considering getting suits of their own – especially the kids. There’s just no stopping Furry!

Komos came prepared, too – with copies of Komos and Goldie no. 1, a comic book co-starring our sssinissster sssaurian and “Goldie,” a super-powered, shiny gold Celtic sex goddess. Goldie is the creation of “Desiring Change,” a Brit fur who came to the US to enjoy his first furcon and pass out copies of our joint creation. (If you’d like one, send me a note with your mailing address and I’ll shoot one your way. (18+ only, please state such in your note.)

On Sunday I did my “Writing the Book on Furry Fandom” session, describing my original idea to write a about the fandom and my own life as a fur. I was hoping for a better turn-out than the 30 or so folks who showed up, especially after buying the back page ad space in the convention guide book to promote the session and Furry Nation. The session itself went very well, better than my attempts at Furry Weekend Atlanta and Furthemore, basically because I actually wrote out a slide-by-slide script to accompany my PowerPoint presentation, rather than just winging it as I had in the past.

By the way, Furry Nation’s publication date is growing closer every day; September 10 for the Nook and Kindle versions, then October 10 for the paperback. Why not order yours today? Just click the “Buy the Book” link to the left…