Hi! If you’re reading this because you saw the ad on the back of the Komos & Goldie sampler at Anthrocon 2016, congratulations: You’re among the first furs to learn about Furry Nation: the history of Furry Fandom…and the history of “furry” throughout history.

Furry Nation: A Very Human Story will be published in 2017 in both Ebook and print-on-demand versions; stay tuned for more details regarding its release. BTW, the book cover you see here will likely undergo a few revisions as publication nears.

You may have noticed most of what you’ve read so far is for the world at large, not just furs. We know who we are, but a lot of people don’t know the whole story, the real story of furry fandom. Stereotypes and misconceptions get in the way of the truth: “furry” is the modern version of a timeless human instinct that predates the dawn of civilization: the desire to see the human in the animal, and vice-versa.

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