Cover boy Komos! (and a terrific article about Furry and “Furry Nation”)

Furry Nation‘s paperback’s edition was published in October. It’s been getting some very nice reviews within the furry community and the publisher’s publicity department has been doing a good job getting mainstream attention. As you may have read in previous posts, I’ve done several radio interviews, appeared in suit in the New York Post and even live via Skype on a Chicago TV news show.

But when I was interviewed and photographed by Huck, a British cutting-edge/pop culture magazine, I wasn’t expecting anything more than being part of an article about the furry community along with an assortment of other furs and a mention of my book. (I wasn’t particularly worried about how they’d treat Furry; they had a photo spread of female fursuiters in a prior issue that was very positive, not a single cheap shot in sight.)

This however blew my mind when I finally saw the issue: they put Komos on the issue’s cover!

That was just the beginning, however: to a completely unexpected degree, the article was about your truly, namely moi!

As you can see, in addition to shooting Komos in Carl Schurz park overlooking Manhattan’s East River (misidentified in the issue as nearby Ruppert Park), the photographer also captured puny human me in my unkempt apartment nearby, holding Komos’s head. (Please ignore my cat’s scratching post, the box fan and the bookend pointlessly cluttering the frame.) But that’s not all, folks: Huck decided to grace the magazine’s inside back cover with one last photograph of Komos, this time face-to-face with one of the park’s native denizens, an honest-to-God natural furry:

You can read the entire article via their website, here.