Radio Radio (with apologies to Elvis Costello)

Back-back-radio interviews this week, first with Oregon’s Public Radio station KPOV (“High Desert Community Radio”) and the following day with Auburn California’s KAHI, where I was interviewed by the charming and upbeat Mary Jane Popp on her aptly titled Poppoff show:

Mary Jane Popp hosts The KAHI Noon News and Poppoff with Mary Jane Popp. Poppoff is a fast-paced Magazine Radio Show dedicated to keeping you on the cutting edge of today’s hot button issues. Poppoff says what it does and does what it says. It’s energetic, upbeat, entertaining, and motivational. From the inner to the outer self, Poppoff takes you to a new dimension in Radio.

(A much friendlier person than Alex Jones or Michael Savage, both of whose shows the station broadcasts.)

Both interviews/interviewers were mucho fun; If/when I figure out how to add audio files to this website I’ll post both on the site’s still-empty “Photos/Video” page.