Komos meets the media (again); thank you, “litterboxes for furries” rumor.

The media in this case being New York City’s most reliable source of right-wing propaganda, Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post.

Thanks to the current broo-ha-ha over litterboxes supposedly placed in Michigan school bathrooms for furry students who “identify as cats”…

NY Times: Litterboxes for furries rumor untrue
(Hint: absolute BS nonsense hysteria whipped up by the usual suspects who want people to hate anyone “different” from themselves.)

The Post contacted me (along with Sharon Roberts from FurScience) to talk about the rumor – and exactly what being a furry is about:

New York Post_Litterbox_January 27 2022
The stupidest photo illustration in history. (At least Komos looks good.)

It turned out to be one of the best mainstream news articles about us so far; aside from a few snarky moments (and the usual “for some a sexual fetish” disclaimer) they let Sharon and me speak our piece and tell the furry side of the story without undercutting us. (They even let me have the last word. 🙂 ) They already knew me from the 2017 interview shortly after Furry Nation was published:

New York Post Oct 14 2017 Furry Nation storystory
I really could’ve done without “fetish” in the headline.

Definitely one small step for a fur, one giant leap for Furkind! One of those talky TV shows contacted me about being on an episode next month, so we’ll see if it happens and if so, how it turns out; wish me luck!